Taxes & Incentives

Hawkinsville-Pulaski County, Georgia offers advantages in an aggressive package of incentives for potential relocating and expanding businesses to encourage investment and job creation. Hawkinsville-Pulaski County Economic Development is eager to help your business grow.

Local Incentives

  • Available land at low cost
  • Local tax assistance and tax abatement schedules through the City of Hawkinsville and Pulaski County
  • Industrial Revenue Bond (IRB) financing through the Hawkinsville/Pulaski County Development Authority
  • 100% Freeport Exemption for work in process, raw materials and finished goods destined to be shipped out of state
  • Strong local banking institutions for assistance in financing

State Incentives

  • Job Tax Credit - $4,000 per job each year, minimum two (2) net new jobs (Pulaski County is a Tier 1 community).
  • Port Job Tax Credit Bonus –$1,250 per job added to the job tax credit for a 10% increase in port activity out of a Georgia port.
  • Quality Jobs Tax Credit –$2,500-$5,000 per job tax credit available to companies that create at least 10 jobs in a 12-month period at wages at least 10% higher than the county average.
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit – Federal tax credit of 40% of up to $6,000 of wages paid to workers who have faced barriers to employment. Thus, the maximum tax credit is generally $2,400 per employee.
  • Investment Tax Credit – Up to 8% of qualified capital investment of $100,000 or more for manufacturers or telecommunications companies that have operated in Georgia for at least 3 years.
  • Mega Project Tax Credit – Available to businesses that employ at least 1,800 “net new” employees and have either a minimum annual payroll of $150 million or make a minimum $450 million investment in Georgia.
  • Research and Development Tax Credit – Available to companies that spend more on qualified research in Georgia; credit is a percentage of that spending increase.
  • Film and Television Entertainment Tax Credit – Up to 30% of money spent on production and post-production in Georgia, minimum spending amount $500,000.
  • Digital Entertainment Tax Credit – Up to 30% of money spent on production and post-production in Georgia, minimum spending amount $250,000.
  • Music and Theatrical Performances Tax Credit – Up to 30% on qualified production expenditures, minimum spend $100,000 for musical or theatrical performances, $50,000 for synchronized recorded musical performance, and $50,000 for any other recorded musical performance.
  • One Georgia Grants
  • Quick Start training for employees at no cost to qualified businesses.

Click here for more information on state tax credits for investment, retraining, ports, etc. For information about local incentives, please contact Hawkinsville-Pulaski County Economic Development at 478-208-0805.


  • Corporate Income Tax – Georgia’s low corporate tax rate of 5.75 percent; single factor apportionment formula applies the corporate tax rate only to gross receipts or sales in Georgia, significantly reducing the tax rate of Georgia companies with substantial sales to customers outside of Georgia.
  • Property Tax - Taxes on real estate and tangible personal property are levied by the City of Hawkinsville, Pulaski County, and the Pulaski County School District. The tax rates are set annually, but do not significantly change from year to year. All properties are assessed at 40% of fair market value. The effective tax rate represents total tax as a percentage of fair market value. The County will consider property tax abatement on a case by case basis.

Millage Rates

  • City of Hawkinsville5.610
  • Pulaski County13.997
  • Uninc. Fire District0.749
  • Pulaski County Schools13.935
  • Sales Tax in Pulaski County is 7%: 4% state, 3% local.